Meet Jon Becker

I am a driven individual that enjoys sharing thoughts and ideas. I enjoy being social, meeting with new people, spending time with my family, hanging out with friends and being active. I'm fascinated with technology, in which lead me to earn my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Through determination, dedication and hard work, I continue to strive for greatness in everything I do.

Over the last few years, I have been developing and supporting features for enterprise products Symantec/Veritas NetBackup, Backup Exec and EV.Cloud. During this time, I have gained experience at: developing server/client applications; building, integrating and deploying web services and distributed applications; test automation, agile methodologies, building software with continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines and much more. I have been responsible for the full lifecycle development of features, where I would gather requirements, develop, test, deploy and deliver solutions in a timely manner while satisfying requirements to meet deadlines and release dates. I have led trainings and demos with customers in an agile scrum environment. I am familiar with multiple platforms and applications, such as but not limited to: Microsoft Windows Servers, Linux and Unix Servers, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Elasticsearch, VMWare and MongoDB. I have a strong proficiency in C++, Java/Spring and C#. I am familiar with other languages as well, including: Perl, Python, PowerShell, Shell Scripting, PHP, JavaScript/JQuery and more. I also have experience with provisioning, configuration management and deployment tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible and Docker. Along with these skills, I also have a strong knowledge of many developer applications, tools, patterns and architectures, frameworks, methodologies and best practices to help me build solutions efficiently. I have two Microsoft certifications; one, for development in SharePoint 2010 (MCTS), and the other for programming in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 (MS). My interests are in distributed applications, cloud and mobile development. Feel free to reach out to me for questions and/or advice.

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." -Abraham Lincoln

Jon Becker
July 22 1988
B.S. in Computer Science
Principal Software Engineer
Veritas Technologies
San Francisco, CA

Work Experience

Symantec/Veritas Technologies

Principal Software Engineer


Develop and deliver features in an agile scrum environment for flagship enterprise backup and recovery products NetBackup, Backup Exec and cloud-based archiving product EV.Cloud.
Develop and maintain C# back-end services and test automation for archiving, indexing and searching emails.
Implemented indexing and searching support of Japanese, German and French languages in EV.Cloud’s back-end search services.
Reduced Microsoft Azure monthly subscription expenses by 30% through software and infrastructure optimizations and better utilization of resources.
Developed RESTful APIs using Java Spring to expose existing back-end backup and recovery cataloging functionality via web service calls.
Developed a feature in C/C++ which discovers cluster aliases from multiple clustering software products to provide backup support.
Pending patent for feature developed in C/C++ which discovers Microsoft Exchange IP-less Database Availability Groups’ mailbox servers and metadata to protect application data.
Developed and automate functional tests which reduced the time and cost of qualifying new Microsoft Exchange releases by 90%.
Created an internal framework that allowed developers to disable features from deployments which mitigated the risk of missing targeted release dates due to incomplete features.
Refactored automated tests and services with better synchronization techniques which reduced execution times by 15%.


Senior Consultant - .NET Developer


Develop and deliver business solutions using Microsoft technologies for high-profile clients such as Jackson Hewitt, Electrolux North America and Vanity Fair.
As a MVC developer for Jackson Hewitt where I collaborated with an onshore and offshore team to develop a web application for Jackson Hewitt’s internal income tax refund process.
As a SharePoint developer for Electrolux where I developed SharePoint applications by replicating and enhancing Lotus Notes applications which made the applications more efficient and easier to manage. Additionally, I assisted with enhancing and maintaining Electrolux’s .NET web applications and services.
Co-lead the Charlotte unit’s Consultant Advisory Board. I was responsible for planning and leading social and volunteering events.

ComputerSoft, Inc.

.NET Developer


As an application developer for ComputerSoft/Verify Job Systems (VJS), I was responsible for building and maintaining applications for loading client companies’ payroll data into secured databases. Additional roles were business analyst and slight network administration. I managed to build an automated, dynamic application that would build databases for new clients, and load payroll and benefit data for new and existing client companies. My solution was able to decrease the time and the resources for adding new companies to VJS databases.


Sales Consultant


Activations and account management for clients. Sells of sprint cellular devices and accessories in a busy, fast-paced setting. Technical support for cellular devices.

Walt Disney World Internship



Maintained an exceptional amount of knowledge for guest interests and ability to answer questions in a detailed matter. Networking with top executives and management of Disney. Received Cast Member of the Month for excellence of commitment in my work.

Impact Resource Group

Field Technician (Seasonal)


Build and assemble furniture in chain stores and/or customer housing. Socializing with customers and building customer-employee relationships. Work with customers to satisfy certain request or services.



.NET Development

SharePoint 2007/2010
MVC 3/4
Entity Framework

Web Development



Visual Studio
SQL Management Studio

Feedback from Clients

Technical Knowledge
90 %
90 %
Schedule Control
100 %
100 %
90 %
  • .NET Development

    I've been developing .NET applications for the last few years professionally and recreationally. As a consultant, I got great exposure to the .NET world. I have experience creating solutions with technologies such as, but not limited to, SharePoint 2007/2010, MVC, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL and PowerShell.

  • Web Development

    Over the years, I've create web sites and web applications. As of late, I've began to focus more on developing web applications; since they are similar to mobile applications the web applications create a more user friendly and flexible experience from desktops to hand-held devices. My experience with web development consist of HTML, HTML5, MVC, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.

  • Other Development

    Professionally, my work has been more geared towards .NET and web development. However, I have worked with other technologies such as Java, Android development, C, C++, VIM, Ruby, Pascal, Visual Basic, MIPS assembly language and more.


social competitive caring optimistic goal-oriented leader driven fun-loving loyal discipline coachable casual humorous friendly self-motivated sincere enthusiastic achiever adaptable creative innovative dreamer


100 %
100 %
100 %
90 %
80 %
80 %
San Francisco, CA